Skype for Business Announcements from YamJam

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Microsoft’s YamJam

Microsoft held a Yammer YamJam on March 18th to discuss Skype for Business questions. There were lots of comments and questions so we tried to sift through and find the most valuable answers we could. All answers are given by Microsoft reps Daniel Valik and Barak Manor. To see the entire discussion you need a Yammer account and visit here.

  • Microsoft will offer Enterprise Voice but will not feature hunt groups, response groups, and custom server settings. Microsoft’s roadmap is they are supporting first all important “voice” features and adding more features later on. They are looking into response groups and custom settings and will provide more information soon as possible.
  • Skype for Business client for Mac is still under development and is scheduled for 2016. They will continue with quarterly updates for the 2011 client.
  • Windows phone in 4 months after we release Server in May; other platforms fast following. Paul Cannon, Microsoft
  • Official Skype for Business release with server version is speculated for late April early May. But Microsoft gives no official date.
  • Microsoft will be upgrading their WebApp: We are launching a new web experience/web client with Skype for Business that will provide capabilities to join a meeting and have a simple UI for all major features. The great thing is that we are working in all major browser (plugin required) and will alter on work “natively” with our future WebRTC integration.
  • No firm plans for getting consumer skype users into meetings.
    “Currently we support IM, Audio Video in a 1:1 fashion. We are definitely thinking about that for our roadmap but no firm plans.”
  • There will be WhitePapers for admins to prep for S4B published on MSDN and Technet
  • Skype for Business meetings will have higher frame rates in screen sharing sessions.
  • Skype directory in Skype for Business will search both users with Microsoft accounts and other accounts
  • Question: will there be compatibility for v.current Lync Phone Edition and Skype for Business? Depends on the device but for all latest (supported) devices are also supported in Skype for Business. Some devices will require upgrade to latest or upcoming firmware.
  • A broadcasting meeting feature will be announced with details later this year for Skype for Business. It will be similar to Webex Event Center.



Author: Andrew Saah
Andrew is a Skype for Business, Office 365, and Windows Technology Evangelist for TecFac.

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