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CIO Consulting

What is CIO Consulting?

The rapidly changing landscape of Information Technologies can present unique challenges for small to mid-sized businesses, especially those that once managed their own IT infrastructure but now find themselves unable to micromanage all of the moving parts that comprise a healthy IT system. This responsibility typically falls on the Chief Information Officer, or CIO. The CIO brings together an expert understanding of your company’s IT needs and business goals, laying out a strategy for development, security, training, and maintenance. However, the reality is that keeping a CIO on retainer may result in your company paying a large price tag when you only need some CIO services. This is where digital consultation can present a strategic advantage to save money and execute your development goals with precision.

Services a CIO Consultant Provides

For small to medium-sized businesses, an in-house CIO may be superfluous and an unwise use of your IT budget. Despite this barrier, every growing business has the need for IT strategy,  Digital consultants can match a suite of services with a price that fits your budget. They take a proactive approach to IT systems, prioritizing both preventative measures to keep your servers healthy and your data secure, as well as implementing new technologies that help your business stay on the cutting edge. Instead of being sold IT products directly by vendors, CIO’s can provide an unbiased assessment of your technological needs. Most CIO’s begin their process by working with you to assess your growth needs, build a roadmap, and help your business execute each step.

The Difference Between In-House and Digital Consultant

In function, a CIO consultant performs the same essential services as an in-house consultant: strategic growth and development planning, management of the IT budget, oversight of infrastructure maintenance, and upkeep of security services. The key difference is that consultant services provide a business with the flexibility to pay for the services you actually need and save on those you don’t. This custom-tailored approach reshapes how a CIO can tackle your business challenges. Additionally, while an in-house CIO typically is one person tasked with the management and strategic planning, many CIO consultation providers such as TecFac allocate whole teams to tackle your company’s urgent needs, ensuring all strategic planning is constantly being treated to new perspectives.

Why Trust TecFac With Your CIO Needs?

For over 20 years, TecFac has provided our clients with a vast suite of IT services that have allowed them to maximize the efficiency and growth of their businesses. TecFac specialization in cloud migration means we understand the market shifts in IT, and how your business can achieve its long term goals with unparalleled scalability and customization. Our experienced team works hands on with yours to implement a strategic plan that is the result of effective collaboration and understanding of your business needs. Contact us today for a consultation and see how CIO consultation services can help revolutionize the future of your business.