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“They have a sense of urgency that a lot of companies don’t. Customer service is very, very important. That is an important thing for TecFac that sets them apart.”

Carolyn Linderman 

Manager of Strategic Projects, North American Properties

debbie headshot“We now deliver services effectively and efficiently with our clients and that makes for better outcomes and better staff morale.”

Debbie Ezrin 

Director of Development and Communications, Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless

TecFac takes pride in our history of customer satisfaction which we achieve through by emphasizing a customer focused, proactive, and strategic approach to all of the services we provide.

Customer Focused

One key to equipping your business with the best technological tools and services suited to its needs is communication. We prioritize listening intently to our client’s goals, breaking complex technological concepts down into simple terms, and considering services through the point of view of the client. Our customer focus means we always filter our technology recommendations through the perspective of how it will help your business and its team member accomplish their goals, both short-term and long term.


Our proactive approach to IT services means less risk and more efficiency for your business. Reactive measures to technological issues can open your business up to invasive malware, outdated software, and communication systems that fail to keep up with your needs. TecFac leverages a process of continuous monitoring to insure that all of your systems are patched, updated, and proactively quarenteening malicious viruses before they can spread. Proactivity, however, does not only apply to your software systems but to our forethought towards new technologies on the horizon. We work with your business through workshops and conferences to keep you informed of the new technologies that can compliment and evolve the effectiveness of your business.


TecFac frames the IT services and technologies we provide your company in both their immediate effectiveness, and how in the long term they can help your business grow and advance. Strategic implementation is crucial as even the best technologies can be mismanaged without consideration for a variety of factors. TecFac focuses prioritizes holistic training of your team to ensure they can leverage the systems to their utmost usability, as well as focusing on how to properly age out legacy platforms. Our strategic implementation takes careful consideration of each minute detail to ensure that the technology roadmap we craft for your business can bring about long term success.

“TecFac is great! They have been an extremely reliable and knowledgeable resource and an excellent partner for our organization. And beyond their ability to handle our IT needs, they have provided top-notch customer service to all our employees.”

James Gipson – Director of Han Resources, Community Support Services, Inc.

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