Carolyn Linderman with North American Properties 

The TecFac process thrives on positive client relationships. Discover first-hand what it’s like to work with TecFac from Carolyn Linderman, Manager of Strategic Projects for North American Properties.

What Were Your First Impressions of TecFac?

“I thought Chris was a good fit because he had a lot of experience, but he also fit our company well and had the same type of values… It was going to be a long-term partnership, which is what we were looking for. We had a technology roadmap, and he went beyond that. He helped us convert our whole environment, retire [various] technical debt, and get us into the cloud.”

What Made You Choose TecFac?

“They were reasonably priced and we received great service. They helped us look at things differently. They’re flexible, agile, and adaptable to our needs. The way we’re working with TecFac now was very different from day one. They’re an integrated part of our IT department. They run our IT department.”

“When we were implementing Microsoft Lync at the time, it was cutting edge. We had a lot of issues but TecFac was all hands on deck, and Chris was even there helping. They worked with us to ensure that is was resolved. They have a sense of urgency that a lot of companies don’t. Customer service is very, very important. That is an important thing for TecFac that sets them apart.

“The transition was easier because TecFac does a great job. They have team members that can “hand-hold” your executives and other employees that are more resistant to change. We now use Office 365, Skype for Business, ShareFile, and a whole sweep of other products. Our phone system is completely Cloud-based. We can pick up and work anywhere.”

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“You’re always going to have issues when you’re implementing technology. But you want to know that someone has your back, can adapt, and has a sense of urgency… TecFac did all of this for our business and more.”

Are You Ready to Execute Your Technology Roadmap for Your Business?