Debbie Ezrin with MCCH

A core goal of TecFac is to create IT solutions that help change the way our clients do business, building strong relationships and uplifting the community in the process. Hear from Veronica  Spake, Jennifer Schiller, and Debbie Ezrin, of Montgomery County Commission for the Homeless about how this works in action.

What Did the TecFac Process Look Like?

“Chris was a really great resource. It started with the diagnostic reports that TecFac created even before I started working with Chris because that really helped us lay the groundwork for a strong case for funding, it broke down the ages of all the computers and the security risks from using an outdated operating system, so we were able to take that information and put it into the grant proposal, and make a compelling case We would be saving annually in costs because we wouldn’t have to spend money paying for technology that keeps breaking.” – Veronica Spake

How Has TecFac Changed the Flexibility of Your Business Operations?

“It has revolutionized what we’re able to do. That staff that I work with are in a bunch of different locations across Montgomery county, and so now we have skype and we’re able to log on and see each other so people don’t all have to come to this one location for an hour meeting.” – Jennifer Schiller

How Does TecFac’s Cloud Migration Protect Against Physical Risk?

“We recently had a flood, and some computers were damaged, but we had laptops and we were able to pull those laptops out, put them in a community room, log on to Office 365, and everything was in the cloud, so other than charging the laptops, we were pretty much up and running within an hour or two.” – Jennifer Schiller

What Has Been the Net Effect of TecFac’s IT Overhaul?

“Everything’s better here from a technical standpoint, we have our files in the cloud, server in the closet is gone, we have staff who have mobile phones that can give them GPS to find their client. When they’re sitting with their clients and their clients need to access resources, they can sign up online, they can look up things online, we don’t have staff who have to take hand notes and say I’ll get back to you later. We can deliver services effectively and efficiently with our clients and that makes for better client outcomes and therefore better staff morale” – Debbie Ezrin

Are You Ready to Execute Your Technology Roadmap for Your Business?