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What Is Microsoft Teams?

Teams streamlines team communication by arming you with the tools to easily chat, conference, share information, and collaborate on projects all through a device agnostic digital platform. With a growing list of features, some new and others integrated from Skype for Business, Microsoft teams looks poised to become the corporate communication tool of the future.


Organized Channels

Teams allows you to create channels organized by topic, date, or any other category of your choosing. All conversations are logged and include an intuitive search feature to ensure your team never misses a beat.

app integration

App Integration

A signature feature of Microsoft Teams is the application integration tied to each individual channel you join or create. Drop in a Power BI interactive graph, present a PowerPoint, collaborate on a Word document, embed a YouTube video, and many more all from the applications tab.


Device Agnostic

Microsoft Teams allows for versatility, mobility, and efficiency thanks to its device agnostic implementation. All features remain consistent whether you’re utilizing desktop, tablet, or mobile. Never sacrifice your ability to collaborate, whether in the office, the field, or on the go.

Why Choose Microsoft Teams?

Discover what Microsoft Teams has to offer for any type of business.

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