Looking for better office communication? Skype for Business is the answer!

Skype for Business consolidates several essential business communications tools into a comprehensive, easy-to-use application. Take a look at all the ways you and your organization can communicate with: 

    • Instant Messaging And Presence: View availability status, chat instantaneously, share files, and create group conversations quickly.
    • Telephone: Full PSTN voice calling with unlimited local and long-distance calling, as well as Enterprise PBX functionality like forwarding, transferring, hunt groups, response groups, and auto attendants. 
    • Video Calling: Collaborate with coworkers and clients face-to-face with video calling and conferencing. Supports full 1080p video quality.
    • Conferencing: Replace your existing conferencing service with Skype Meetings which include Online Meeting space for IM, Voice, Video, and Screen Sharing and Collaboration, as well as a toll-free dial in number with unlimited usage for each user.
    • Screen Sharing and Collaboration: Share your screen on an IM, a phone call, or Online meeting to easily collaborate with coworkers and external parties, while also allowing others to control and manipulate the shared content for easy and instant collaboration.
    • Unified Messaging: All your voicemails, missed IM’s, and missed calls are emailed so you can keep track of missed communications directly from your email.
  • Mobility: Take Skype for Business with you wherever you go on your laptop, phone, or tablet and have full access to all communications with a Wi-Fi connection. Whether you are joining a conference call or just making and taking work calls, it can be done from any device, and any location. 
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Organization Benefits of Skype for Business

With TeamWorkAnyWhere from Tecfac, your team can communicate and stay productive from anywhere around the globe! Several features included with Skype for Business combine to provide anywhere access to every communication channel with a cloud-based solution. The accessibility offered by Skype for Business keeps your team productive, efficient, and in the loop, even when they’re on the go.

Team Benefits

  • Work from Anywhere: Skype for Business works on all your devices with a Wi-Fi connection so your team can be working from home, the office, a coffee shop, a hotel, or even a plane.
  • Interaction between Offices: You will be able to see the presence and availability of coworkers before you call them, engage in face to face video calls and conferences, and work together more efficiently by sharing screens and collaborating from different locations. Working with people in different offices has no effect on work efficiency.
  • Have more productive meetings: Conference calls and online meetings can be a nightmare, but with Skype for Business you can schedule instant Online Meetings and Conference calls directly from Outlook Calendar, see who is on the call and what methods of communication they are using, and share content and video to the entire group in seconds.
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IT Benefits

  • Retire your on-premise hardware: With Office 365 and Skype for Business, you can retire your on-premise exchange, PBX system, and file storage servers.
  • No Maintenance Contracts or Upgrade Projects: The 24/7 support is included in the price of Skype for Business and you never have to deal with upgrading servers to the latest software and patches.
  • One Platform: With Office 365 and Skype for Business you have a single platform to administrate that covers all the essential functions of your organization, email, phone, and file storage.
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Business Benefits

  • ROI: Not only does the cost of Skype for Business and Office 365 reduce infrastructure cost when compared to tradition PBX and exchange environment, but you also save up to two hours a week per person by having these essential communication tools readily available for your organization.
  • Reduced Travel Costs: Organizations that deploy Skype for Business spend less on travel since they can interact with their co-workers and external parties in face to face video calls and online meetings with live collaboration on content.
  • Disaster Recovery: With Skype for Business and Office 365 being cloud-based services, your organization can continue to function as normal if an emergency prohibits them from getting into the office. Also, with no onsite hardware, in the event of a catastrophe none of your IT Infrastructure is housed on premise so you lose nothing in your office is destroyed in a disaster.
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